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About the Newsletter

The TAS newsletter is one of the benefits of Membership in TAS. It is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. The newsletter is printed and sent to members via USPS.
Chapter members (those paying dues to Topeka Audubon Society) receive all four issues of the newsletter. National members (those paying dues to National Audubon Society) receive the March newsletter only.
To begin receiving all four issues of the TAS newsletter, Become a TAS Member.
The newsletter editor is Evelyn Davis.  Members are encouraged to submit materials to the newsletter editor for inclusion in upcoming issues.  Contact Carol at for more information.

December 2017 Volume 70 Issue 4 

June 2017 Volume 70 Issue 2 

March 2017 Volume 70 Issue 1 

2016 Newsletters

December 2016 Volume 69 Issue 4

2015 Newsletters

2012 Newsletters

September 2012 Volume 65 Issue 3

June 2012 Newsletter Volume 65 Issue 2

September 2011 Newsletter Volume 64 Issue 3

June 2011 Newsletter Volume 64 Issue 2

March 2011 Newsletter Volume 64 Issue 1