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Shunga Bioblitz Results


The bioblitz was held on April 16, 2011.  The day started out cold and windy with temperatures in the mid 30s.  By afternoon the temperature was about 70 and sunny.
We had groups of people surveying the area from 7am until 10pm on April 16th. A stream survey of the Shunga creek was done the week before.

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Plants: 144 species, 40 alien species, many being invasive
Birds: 65 species
Insects: 34 species
Fungus: 22 species
Mammals: 10 species
Herps: 10 species
Fish: 1 species, alien
Crustaceans: 1 species
Gastropods: 5 species
Mollusks: 1 species, alien
Segmented worms: 1 species
Spiders: various
Lichens: 14 species (found on 3 tree branches)

What did we learn

The area surrounding Shunga creek has a good amount of diversity.  The creek itself was lacking in diversity, possibly due to pollution. Plant species was diverse but unfortunately almost 1/3 of them are not native and many of those are invasive species that are eliminating important habitat. Topeka Audubon is working with other groups to restore habitats in this park complex. Contact TAS if you would like to help. See more about the restoration work going on at Warren Nature Area.


To see the different groups of species seen, use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.