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Summer Gathering

About the Gathering

This is a general meeting of the membership and leaders of TAS. We use the annual planning meeting to brainstorm ideas for programs, activities, field trips, education, financial support, conservation, fundraising and so much more. But we also bring snacks and enjoy the excitement and comradeship of each other’s company as we look ahead at a new year. We also hope to walk the trails at Karlyle Woods.  Don't forget your binoculars.

When & Where

The 2011 meeting takes place on Sunday, June 19 at 3pm.  We will meet at Karlyle Woods, 3440 NW Button Rd, Topeka. See the calendar for a map of the location.

Items of Discussion

Come prepared to share your ideas and discuss the following.
  • Events
  • Programs
  • Field trips
  • Other activities
  • Fund raising
  • Social events
  • TAS Sanctuary